ChattrMD is a hospital based communication system involving secure two-way messaging between physicians, designed to replace inefficient and undocumented information exchange.


Doctors and hospitals today have a lot on their plate. Care must be provided safely and securely in a timely manner, and need is greater than ever. In the evolving world of in-hospital care provision, one antiquated process remaining is the method of communication between physicians discussing patient care. Despite a recognized problem by most hospital administrators that the current system interrupts workflow, increases time patients require to receive their treatments, requires expensive staff support to coordinate these communications, and has inherent medicolegal risk, no functional alternative has been developed. With 100+ product attempts on the market, how is it that the old-fashioned phone call and page are still the primary method used? The right system has never been built; until now.


ChattrMD eliminates these problems with a simple, user-friendly software system. Because we understand the needs of both the physician end-users and the client hospitals, ChattrMD is designed to eliminate wasted time, interruptions, and confusion with a process as simple as turning on your phone. Say goodbye to admission delays, miscommunication on care plans, and work around undocumented personal device use. Say goodbye to burdensome software with too many users, lack of participation by your doctors, and wasted efforts to fix this problem.