Innovation & Product Development

Platforms may be novel or disruptive in their function,
but without usability, they will not succeed.

The Healthcare IT realm has grown exponentially and is a driving force in the future of healthcare provision. There is a recognized disconnect, however, between the technology sector developing products and their practitioner end-users. We offer single physician reviews or specialized group product testing depending on your needs.

Ensure your platform meets goals of simplicity, natural flow, low cognitive load, effective use of language and efficient interactions.

Marketing & Strategy

Marketing reviews: Ensure your marketing is on target.

There is wide variability in practice types nation wide, and differing forces drive the healthcare market based on practice type and geographical location. What appeals to a private group in Chicago differs from a corporate group in Washington DC. Tailor your target client and price point by better understanding these market forces, and maximize your marketing resources to reach your most likely buyers.


Change is not always well received.

With today’s increasing time and financial constraints in healthcare, your platform must be highly user friendly and make the lives of your end-users easier, not more difficult. To achieve this, you must have an understanding of the current pressures of medical practice, and ensure you have a strategy for incorporation of your product or service.

We review training programs and assist with incentivizing participation and use. Don’t let your product fail due a lack of understanding of key motivators in the healthcare workplace.

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