Early Stage Companies

Platforms may be novel or disruptive in their function,
but without usability, they will not succeed.


The Healthcare IT realm has grown exponentially and is a driving force in the future of healthcare provision. There is a recognized disconnect, however, between the technology sector developing products and their practitioner end-users. Ensure your platform meets goals of simplicity, natural flow, low cognitive load, effective use of language and efficient interactions.

Whether you are securing your first pilot or generated three million in revenue last year, our consultants lend industry expertise while you plan for pivots or expansions, get a marketplace foothold, and scale your business to exit

Health Systems

Pressure on hospital systems to provide comprehensive care
in an inexpensive and timely manner continues to grow.


With the evolving medical marketplace, declining traditional reimbursements, emphasis on new payment methods, and complex patient needs, hospital systems are working harder with fewer resources for more patients.

We provide individual assessments to systems interesting in maximizing these resources to provide top-quality care with better outcomes for their patients in a safer, more satisfying environment.


The winner of an accelerator award may have a great pitch,
but does their product really make sense?


With our industry expertise and knowledge of what is needed in the medical marketplace today, we assist with portfolio management and balance of early stage healthcare companies, and analyze previous investments that may not be meeting goals.

When your fund is deciding whether to reinvest or fold, we can help your portfolio company identify potential problem areas, market roadblocks, and potential for pivots

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